2015, Södermalm, Stockholm

As long as an object is on wheels it is defined as a vehicle and may be parked in public parking lots according to Swedish law. A tree was planted in a box on wheels and parked at a street in Stockholm.

The tree was parked outside my own apartment on Södermalm, and changed the dynamic and the conversations of the street during one month. The presence of the tree triggered discussions about traffic in the city center, the right to occupy public space, community and communication between the neighbors.

Below is a series of photos documenting events that occurred during the month when the tree was moved to Östgötagatan and back to its original soil. Passersby helping with transportation, an evening where no cars were parked on the street, a Friday night when a group of drunk people climbed the tree and the following hour of neighbors helping out to replant it, construction workers lending a hand and a lift to get the tree over a curb and finally the closure of the project when the tree was brought back to where it was found.

Collaborator: Lisa Deurell