Koreografi for Kroppen Min

2019, Scene 1, Tou, Stavanger

Koreografi for Kroppen Min is a close study of the human being as material, and its inseparable connection with everything that is not human.

On stage, three performers investigate qualities of the body and large quantities of slime. The slime flows, bubbles and slimes. The bodies twist, bend and embody. The audience sits with one set of headphones each where a tactile soundscape accompany a voice leading them far in and far out of the stage room. Koreografi for Kroppen Min is a poetic performance which seeks to challenge the defining power of anatomy over the human body.

If we opened up the body and placed part by part on the floor, the whole room would be filled with organs, secretions, experiences, bacteria and bones. When the body is contained within its skin it occupies less space. It's strange, but it's easier to unpack than to pack.

Choreographer: Runa Norheim

Scenographer: Ida Grimsgaard

Performers: Runa Norheim, Ida Grimsgaard, Piet Gitz-Johansen

Music and binaural sound: Kristian Hverring

Dramaturgy and light: Jon R. Skulberg

Co-production: Tou

Supported by: Norsk kulturr├ąd, Stavanger kommune