Så sa vi gerne (I Would Be Here #1) (SMK)

2018 Statens Museum for Kunst, København

I Would Be Here was a solo performance, or rather a performance within a performance. A scenario took place through description, gestures and traces of dance. Description, acting and dancing were given equal value, in order to materialize a virtual performance within the mind of the spectators. They were not directly participating, but were never the less playing an active role in the construction of the situation.

As the performance developed, several members of the audience were involved in imaginary dances. The audience feelings, the atmosphere in the room, the far future and dramaturgical analysis were all part of the score. One person was even scripted to fall in love with the performer.

This work is yet another investigation of performance conventions, where the role of the choreographer in relation to the audience is examined and questioned.

Photo: Pete Lamberto