Choreography for Eyes

2015, Haut Scene, Copenhagen

The visual sense dominates our perception of the world around us, at least the way we speak about it. Choreography for Eyes was a sequence of scenes based on different modes of visual perception. Night vision, peripheral vision, visual field limitation, depth of view, spectrum of color vision and the phenomenon of an after image.

The performers described, gave instructions and guided the audience in different ways in how to access specific visual experiences.

The performance articulated active spectatorship and interaction by encouraging the audience to be aware of perceiving themselves perceiving. Blinking, eyelashes, proteins casting shadows on the retina, the lens and apple of the eye’s movement will always be an inseparable part of what one sees. With this awareness we aimed to relativize the distance between the subjects perceiving and the objects perceived.

The performance was based on traditional ideas concerning composition, as these ideas are based on the physiological conditions of the eye.

Dancers: Manuel Lindner, Emma Strandsäter, Ellen Söderhult, Tuuli Vahtola, Lyn Bentschik, Max Wallmeier