Runa Norheim is an artist working within the intersection of
choreography, post-dramatic theater and performance art.

The work is audience-centric and questions concerning agency of the perceiver is often her starting point.
The audience is constantly reminded of being spectators and co-creators at the same time,
as they are often both the perceivers and the perceived.

She has in several projects worked with imagination as a mode of spectatorship.
This has lead to a writing practice where description,
instruction and representation are central ingredients.

Sensitivity and awareness are important words to describe the work.
She exhibits the situations and contexts as inseparable from the performances.
Several of the projects challenges the notion of sensitivity and presence
to multiple spaces simultaneously.

She is engaged in an ongoing study of the relationship between choreography and architecture,
being concerned with how we shape and are being shaped by our immediate surroundings.

She has studied Choreography (MA), Acting (BA), Post-dramatic Theatre studies and Dance
at DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts, The Norwegian Theater Academy, Østfold University College,
and Dartington College of Arts (UK).